State Compliance and FFL Services

CA, NY, NJ Compliance Work

We are your one stop shop for all gunsmithing and compliance work. We specialize in making rifles compliant with those who live in ban states such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California. Our services include muzzle break pinning, stock pinning, magazine pinning, and featureless conversions.


 NJ AR/AK Compliance Service
 Pin Muzzle Break & Stock
 Pin Muzzle Break
 Pin Stock

FFL Services

Savage Cerakote is a fully licensed FFL Facility and is fully equipped to handle firearms transfers, firearms sales and C&R transfers. We are also licensed by the State of New Jersey and are recognized as a fully operational firearms dealer and repair/customization facility.


 FFL Services
 FFL Transfer Fee
 NICS Background Check